The Product
Tonino Lamborghini Vodka is presented in a shaft of sheer elegance that evokes effortless style. The transparency of the bottle
is offset by a jet dusting that enhances its unique prism design and emboldens the “Raging Bull” insignia, executed in epoxy
chrome to give it a silver-plated effect.

The Ingredients
Tonino Lamborghini Vodka is produced by selecting only the highest quality cereals from farms in Eastern Europe, particularly the Balkans and Slovakia, renowned for the superiority of their grain. The harvest is carefully selected to eliminate any impurities and the softened corn goes through a process that enhances the starch content. This in turn transforms the sucrose in to a form pure
enough to distill an alcohol of outstanding clarity.

Distillation and Filtration
A triple distillation extracts the very best qualities of the grain, ensuring the right balance between the pure and the smooth. The distillate is then carefully filtered several times through birch activated carbon filters – which have the ability to retain the smallest impurities – and quartz fine sand, resulting in a clean, crystalline alcohol. Finally the alcohol content is reduced from the degree
of distillation to the degree of commercialisation (40% Vol) by adding water of the highest purity from the Alpine springs of Franciacorta.

Direct source from the Alpine
The water used in the process of dilution flows directly from pristine Italian springs at the foot of the Rhaetian Alps in the stunning valley of Franciacorta, famous for its excellent wines. Filtered through underground passages between the rocks of the mountains above Lake Iseo, it flows pure and clear. The springs of Franciacorta are characterised by their reduced mineral content which gives the vodka an extraordinary balance.

The choice of the best clubs and bars

Tonino Lamborghini Vodka is marketed internationally and has exclusive distribution to some of the world’s most fashionable nightspots. This pure, sophisticated and smooth spirit brims with the taste of Pure Italian Talent.


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