Tonino Lamborghini addresses the details with a special attention that makes a coffee shop or a space, in where its products are served, a place of style where to spend a pleasant break, on your own or with friends.

Tonino Lamborghini cups, with their ergonomic handles and solid saucers, are designed to preserve the heat of the drinks and to ensure the persistence of the Coffee cream.

Different versions have been created for coffee, cappuccino, double espresso, caffè latte and in the Jumbo format, along with a branded milk jug.

Exclusive accessories such as the napkin holders for table and bar top, sugar sachets, chocolates, menus, signs – all branded with the Tonino Lamborghini Espresso logo – are available. 

All these accessories are distinguished by a special graphic design, coherent with the values of the brand and developed by the Tonino Lamborghini Design Studio.

Tonino Lamborghini commitment to quality and customer experience is also reflected in the coordinated clothing for personnel: caps and aprons for men and women, all branded and with an elegant and modern cut.


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The range
Black Caffè latte cup.jpg
Black Caffè Latte Cup
Black Cappuccino cup.jpg
Black Cappuccino Cup
Black Espresso cup.jpg
Black Epresso Cup
Menu Hot Chocolate.jpg
Menu Hot Chocolate
Menu TEa.jpg
Menu Tea Selection
Napkin ring.jpg
Napkin Ring
Paper Cup 4 Oz.jpg
Paper Cup 4 Oz
Paper Cup 12 oz.jpg
Paper Cup 12 Oz Double Wall
Short Apron.jpg
Short Apron
Tonino Lamborghini Espresso Cap.jpg
Tonino Lamborghini Espresso Cap
White Caffè Latte cup.jpg
White Caffè Latte Cup
White Cappuccino cup.jpg
White Cappuccino cup
White Espresso cup.jpg
White Espresso Cup
Brown and White Sugar