Tonino Lamborghini Chocolates

Tonino Lamborghini Chocolates

Since ancient times, chocolate has seduced entire civilizations thanks to its extraordinary virtues: a feast for the palate, energy for the body, gratification for the soul.

Tonino Lamborghini branded chocolate drinks are prepared by following a traditional and genuine recipe, based on a particular type of cocoa, whose special and distinctive flavour is much appreciated by consumers at large: unique flavor for a top quality product.

An elegant metal packaging ensures a perfect preservation of their organoleptic characteristics. Perfect match is 25-30g of chocolate powder in 120g milk. Should you love a less thick texture, add more milk to the preparation. 

Available in 500 g and 1 kg  tins. 

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Creaminess and sweetness blended together in this gluttons favoured recipe. Also available in 1.0 kg.
The traditional quality cocoa that tastes like a dream. Also available in 1.0 kg.
Strong, distinctive, refined, experience the full strength of the cocoa. Dedicated to the most demanding palates.
The sweetness of the chocolate with the piquancy of the pepper, a perfect blend of italian flavours.
A bitter-sweet delicacy bestowing an unexpected sensation of harmony and delight.
Sweetness and frangrance for this natural and fruity blend.
The sweetness of the chocolate matches perfect between the warmth and the freshness of mint.
Chocolate and hazelnut: a perfect match, taken from the best Piedmont ancient tradition.