Energy Drink Sugar Free

Energy Drink Sugar Free

Energy Drink Sugar Free

No sugar, Same Style!

With only 5 calories for 250 ML,  Tonino Lamborghini  Energy Drink Sugar Free offers a boost of Energy at every moment of the day.

The high quality ingredients combined in the Tonino Lamborghini® Energy Drink Sugar Free:

  •    improve concentration during stressful and difficult working periods;
  •    improve physical performance and mental efficiency;
  •    increase your sense of well-being;
  •    stimulate your metabolism.

 Without sugar but with the same Style.

The new can perfectly reflects the values of the brand and of the product. Elegant, with the iconic red shield on it and the silver details on the new white background for the Sugar Free recipe.

A touch of Italian Energy for the worldwide best nights and events!

For all of those who want give up with Style and Energy, Tonino Lamborghini Sugar Free is the new Made in Italy perfect accessory for the worldwide events and nights. 

…Are you ready for the New Style that Never Sleeps?



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