Balsamic Condiment

Balsamic Condiment

The ‘Tonino Lamborghini Luxury Delicacies’ products line includes the 100% Made in Italy precious Balsamic Condiment, aged in selected cherry wood barrels.

The cooked grape must, obtained from the best grapes of Trebbiano and Lambrusco Grasparossa, is the special ingredient that since 1850 the Malpighi Family has been preserving with care in its old acetaie.

Even nowadays the secret of its unmistakable taste remains unchanged: a slow aging inside old cherry wood barrels  gives the product soft and persistent taste nuances, a large and intense aroma and a sweet and sour flavor with hints of wild flowers, grass and cooked mustard.

An exclusive gastronomic delicacy that can give a special touch to all dishes, both sweet and savoury.


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