Tonino Lamborghini | Vinitaly 2012

Verona - March 25th-28th, 2012

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The Tonino Lamborghini Group will attend the 46th edition of the Vinitaly fair (Verona, 25th-28th march) and will present the new classy wine labels Palazzo del Vignola and Sangue di Miura at the exclusive Tonino Lamborghini Lounge area (Hall 11, stand D4). The international Wine&Spirits exhibition represents an important appointment for the Italian brand, which will seize the occasion to present its new products dedicated to the international wine and luxury beverage market.

After a continuous research of the best vines to enhance the typical Italian wines, at the Verona exhibition the company shows a great renewal of the image of its wines line: two new labels in red hand-made pottery and a special bottle for the Pinot Noir Magnum.

The label ‘Sangue di Miura’ includes: Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot, Dry Brachetto, Lugana, Merlot and Vermentino Bio (organoleptic cards attached).
The label ‘Palazzo del Vignola’ includes: Cabernet Sauvignon, Chianti, Gutturnio, Monterosso Val d Arda, Sauvignon (organoleptic cards attached).

At the Vinitaly the Company will also present the new Tonino Lamborghini Vodka, in an elegant bottle with the ‘raging bull’ logo screen-printed with chrome bicomponent epoxy paint, which evokes the sensation of an unique pleasure and the idea of an unmistakable style.

Obtained by a triple distillation of high quality cereals from East Europe, accurately selected to eliminate any impurity, the Tonino Lamborghini vodka is filtered with multiple steps with activated carbon filters. The ethanol level is reduced from the volume distillation because the vodka is diluted with pure reverse osmosis water.

A strong and captivating taste, but at the same time clean, soft and smooth. The Tonino Lamborghini Vodka represents a real and authentic expression of the Pure Italian Talent. A project with an international importance, a high positioning and an exclusive distribution. The top quality distribution, which interests worldwide some of the most exclusive and fashionable clubs with a classy and recognizable spirit, is coherent with the image of the brand and the Tonino Lamborghini Energy Drink, whose mix creates the new cocktail called ‘Tonino Lamborghini Vodka Energy’.