Lounge Cafés & Restaurants
Lounge Cafés & Restaurants


Tonino Lamborghini reinvented the concept of hospitality creating a world of style, culture, art and exclusive services in a worldwide ‘Hospitality’ project, that today includes the Restaurants, Lounges, 5-star Hotels, Residence and Apartment-hotels. All places characterized by a cutting-edge interior design and a warm and sophisticated atmosphere, that elegantly expresses the brand values of Italian quality and style. Dedicated to an upmarket clientele, these places perfectly represent the Group's vision: bring the passion and spirit of Italy to the global market with a combination of sharp lines, net shapes and modern visual moods.

A mix of history and future where the particular ‘Italian way of life’ is strongly expressed in its explosive vitality, creativity and beauty.

Tonino Lamborghini Lounges and Restaurants are instantly recognizable all over the world: always respectful of the features of the local culture and aesthetic, but with the typical touch of Italian style.